Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two words: BACK DOOR

There are two reasons I haven't blogged in awhile:

1. I took an (unpaid) vacation to visit my fiance in Florida after working my butt off in retail during the holidays. I had not seen my fiance since October 2009 and I did not request any time off during the holidays. My vacation was well deserved!

2. There have been new developments on the job front for me! I now have two jobs---one during the day and one at night. Unfortunately, this will leave me very little spare time for blogging. I've come across a lot of blogging material recently so I'll try to post when possible.

Here is the point of this post:

You should constantly be looking for ways to get in with a good company or organization. **Newsflash**....Although it seems as if you should be accepted based on your academic qualifications and work experience I am here to tell you that it often doesn't work that way. It's all about who you know. I'm not in the city I dreamed of working in after graduating. But, I now work for two great companies that are growing and will likely provide me with opportunities to move up (and earn more). How did I get in? I knew people. My job application and resume were submitted after my job offer. A mere formality. Fascinating, isn't it?

So, go out and meet people. You have no choice.

I will leave you with one other piece of advice until I post again: Don't watch the movie Post Grad. It is the worst movie EVER and is not representative of what really happens to recent graduates without jobs. Instead, read this blog.

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