Monday, December 28, 2009

Bold Moves

Right now is NOT the time to be any old Joe Schmoe. If you want a job then you should do everything in your power to stand out and position yourself as the expert.

Recently, I came across 2 job-related success stories. One of them is from a reader and the other I found through one of my favorite blogs.

Story #1 from one of my readers

Abigail (fictitious name) is a fledgling clothing designer. She's had just as much trouble as everyone else in finding a job by the traditional online application methods.

In an effort to make more connections she used a site called meetup which connects people with different social interests. It is not a job search site---it is a social site. Before Christmas she came across a Christmas Party through meetup which she thought would provide an opportunity for her to meet "the right people."

Now, most people don't like to go to parties where they don't know anyone. So, she took a friend and she also put her portfolio of designs in the back of her car. While she was at the party a photographer happened to have his portfolio out for folks to look at. At this point she decided to go back to the car to bring out her portfolio.

By the end of the night so many important people had seen her work AND loved it! She made so many great connections that evening. She was asked to come to another party AND also invited to do a short news segment on television! Sweet story.

Story #2 from one of my favorite blogs

This is a story about a girl who happens to be a wedding junkie. Most importantly, though, it is a story about a recent graduate who made a bold move to get the job of her dreams. Go ahead, click on the link and read her story...

Here's a quote from her article, "I made a seemingly simple, but bold move and it paid off. Many of my classmates are suffereing because they are doing things someone else expected of them instead of living authentically and putting their heart into every move they make. The more we exert, the more reward we are able to feel as its equal and opposite reaction. Risk is just opportunity dressed up in scary clothes."

Here's how I would sum up her post:

You must have patience.

You must take risks.

You must dare to be BOLD.

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