Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jobs and maintaining relationships

Here are 2 reasons why you should maintain good relationships with previous employers:

1. From a small, family business situation:
My brother came home from college about a week ago and visited an old manager to say, "Hey!" Guess what happened. His old manager asked him if he would like to work for a few days! My brother did not go by the store to get a job. It just happened that the manager needed some extra help for the holidays and was willing to pay him for it. Good deal, eh?

2. From a corporate, internationally operating business situation:
I was seasonally employed for nearly 4 years in retail. While I was in college I worked every summer, almost every spring and fall break, and every holiday season. It was pretty sweet to have a job waiting for me when I came home---exactly when I needed money. Imagine that...a job waiting for you.

Keep up with previous employers, co-workers and old friends. You never know where jobs might show up!

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