Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tip for online job applications

Some online job application processes may prompt you to upload a copy of your resume even when there are plenty of those (stupid) boxes for you to type in all of your personal information and employment details. Don't upload your resume. Here's why:

The computer software program that the company uses for job applications will try to automatically fill in those boxes by searching the resume you uploaded. Guess what? Typically the only information that ends up in the correct box (based on your uploaded resume) is your address. If you've done this before then you know what happens next.

You'll be shouting and cursing at your computer because you have to go back through all those boxes to correct all those mistakes. So, just skip the uploading part and fill in those boxes one by one. It is truly a pain. But, so is uploading your resume only to figure out that you have to go back through all the boxes again.

[Note: Can you tell I despise those fill-in-the-box applications? Do you have suggestions from your experience? Leave a comment!]

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