Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Are you a boomerang child?

Yes, I am a Boomerang Child. I have turned my mom and dad into Boomerang Parents...

In case you haven't heard yet, a Boomerang Child is one who comes back to live at home with his/her parents after completing college. This is what I did after finishing my master's degree in May 2009. Recently, Boomerang Children have received a bad reputation and it makes me angry:

+Not all boomerang children are slackers who sit on their butt all day watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet. Some of us work for very little pay and are underemployed! Some of us work 2 or 3 jobs in order to gain work experience and pay for bills (including student loans).

+Most "experts" will advise Boomerang Parents sit down the with their Boomerang Child to create a deadline for moving out, taking care of personal finances, or finding a job. This may work for the un-motivated Boomerang Child. But let's face it, if the Boomerang Child was a slacker in college then there's a good chance they're still a slacker. You can't use the bad economy as an excuse for not having a job if you never really wanted to work to begin with.

+Many college graduates are strapped by student loans because someone once told them to go to college so they could get a good job. Well, it is time for a rude awakening. It depends on what you go to college for, the job market at the time of your graduation, and who you know in this world. I'm not saying that parents should take care of student loans. However, if the Boomerang Child only works for $9/hr how exactly are they supposed to take care of a student loan of $40,000?

+Although college graduates are often referred to as young invincibles in the health care world some of us have medical conditions that must be treated. Let's say the Boomerang Child was only able to get 2 part-time jobs at $10/hour apiece. Neither of the jobs offer health insurance and the Boomerang Child happens to have a pre-existing condition that makes their health insurance VERY costly. What is the Boomerang Child supposed to do---go without insurance, scream in agonizing pain, become disabled, go blind, or die?

Here's my point: If the Boomerang Child is employed (underemployed) while searching for a better job, paying many of their bills (car payments, car insurance, health insurance, student loans, etc.), and helping out around the house (occasional cleaning, cooking, or running errands) then give the Boomerang Child a break. Free room and board for awhile can be O.K.!

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