Thursday, September 24, 2009

Common Interview Questions

Here are the most common questions I've had during interviews. The questions you will likely hear from the potential employer are indicated in bold but you should remember to "drive-it-home" by answering the associated unspoken questions in italics.

1) Tell me about yourself. (Why are you a good fit for the organization based on your background?)

2) What do you know about our organization? (How does your previous work relate to the goals and daily activities of the organization?)

3) What are your strengths? (How can the organization use your strengths to prosper/grow?)

4) What are your weaknesses? (Admit to one and turn it into a strength.)

5) What is your greatest accomplishment to date? (How will this accomplishment benefit the organization and what does it indicate about your character?)

6) What is your definition of teamwork? (Provide your definition and personal example.)

7) Why should we hire you? (Why are you the organization's best option and a good investment?)

Please comment (anonymous posting is an option) so that we can gather more!

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