Friday, September 25, 2009

Cover letter tips

There are a million things I could say about cover letters. Here are some starter tips:

+Writing a cover letter is like putting attractive packaging on a consumer good. You want to look good on the outside (enough to entice the potential employer to know more) and you want to be a quality product upon purchase (a good investment for the company/organization).

+I have found that it is not necessary to indicate in the cover letter where you found the job announcement unless the announcement says to do so or unless you have a referral.

+When creating your cover letter ask yourself, "WHY would someone want to hire me instead of someone else?"

+Cut to the chase. In your cover letter explain EXACTLY why the employer should hire you. Don't beat around the bush or add superfluous sentences.

+If you cannot read your cover letter out-loud without laughing or stumbling through it, re-write it!

+Again, get people to look at your cover letter for free to gain perspectives and catch any misspellings. Triple-check your cover letters for mistakes!

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