Sunday, September 20, 2009

Locating Job Opportunities

1. Sign up for LOTS of email alerts with job search engines. Some of my favorite job search hotspots are listed on the right sidebar.

2. Make more friends. You never know who may know someone, who knows someone, who could get you your job.

3. Remember, it is often who you know, not what you know, that gets you a job.


  1. If you are a scientifically/biologically minded job seeker, I would also reccomment listservs like the ECOLOG and evoldir, which are easy to locate with a google search. They have a wide variety of positions advertised, and can also be useful for locating folks working on things you would like to get involved with.

  2. Thank you for commenting and suggesting those list-servs for biologically minded-folks!

  3. Suppose, there will be few people who won't agree with you as for the importance of friends in your job search.