Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Not-So-Good Interviewer

Sometimes you do not know who your interviewer will be. It could be someone you would work with directly if you were employed. Or, it could be a human resources staff member. It may turn out to be just another employee within the company. What happens when it becomes evident that your interviewer has not read your resume (or does not remember reading it)? It is a bad situation to be in, particularly if you only realize this half-way through an interview. Therefore, it is wise to prepare for an interview as if the interviewer does not know anything about you. Come up with key phrases describing what you have done in the past and how those skills will benefit the organization. Figure out how to hit the high points of your resume quickly so that the interviewer knows who they are interviewing and that you are no Joe Schmoe.


  1. I've had interviews where I don't even think the interviewer even knew what the job was! At that point I think it's a lost cause :P

  2. That is terrible! Yes, I agree with you. That should be a red flag!