Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Job Application Organization

Completing job applications can be a dreadful process, especially if you have to search for all of your job-related information multiple times in order to complete every single application. My suggestion is to create "Master Lists" ONCE so that you can help yourself out later. Here are the 3 Master Lists I recommend:

Job Master List
1) Start and end dates of employment
2) Beginning and ending salary
3) Supervisor (and phone number)
4) Address of organization and phone number
5) Duties performed for each job
6) Accomplishments

Reference Master List*
1) Name of reference and title
2) Address of organization he/she belongs
3) Phone number
4) Email address

*Do not forget to consult your reference before listing them on the application. Respect your reference's privacy. Do not give out personal contact information (cell phone #'s, private email addresses, etc.) unless you have permission.

Education Master List
1) School/university name
2) Address of school/university
3) Grade point average(s)
4) Graduation date(s) (month, day, year)
5) SAT and or ACT scores
6) Credit hours earned per degree
7) Relevant coursework completed including when the course was taken

Alternatively, if you have correctly completed a federal job resume previously, then print it from their website. It has nearly all the information you will ever need to fill out most job applications. (This is what I did and it works well!)

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