Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Career Choices: What am I supposed to do now?

In case you didn't know, I answer career related questions on Yahoo Answers. One day last week there was an overwhelming number of questions related to choosing a career. There were young people looking for college degree advice, 20 somethings who were laid off and searing for insight, older people trying to start fresh in a new field, and people looking for easy jobs that pay big bucks. I felt so bad for all of these people. (Well, except for the easy job/big bucks people.) Since I am clearly not wise enough to advise anyone on how to choose a career I felt pretty helpless. According to Penelope Trunk, it is quite o.k. to be lost for awhile (especially in your 20s) in order to allow things to work out...

I have a friend who was laid off a few months ago. She is looking for the right career for herself and she just isn't interested in doing any old job. When I met with her recently she wanted to know why no one ever seems to have good career advice for her (specifically). She said that if she knew of a job that one of her friends would be perfect for then she would totally let them know about it. Thus, she wanted to know why no one has done that for her. At first I thought maybe it was the recession and the lack of jobs. Later, it dawned on me that perhaps most people aren't happy in their current professions.

If you aren't happy with your own job then how would you be able to help someone else find happiness in theirs?

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