Monday, November 9, 2009

Extra Cash: TV and Internet

You can save money on your cable if you're willing to sacrifice a little...

When I was in graduate school I signed up for a special 6 month deal on cable (TV + internet). I even had HBO. It was GREAT. My 6 month deal cost me about $65 per month. After 6 months my rate would have been greater than $120 per month. Instead, I called the cable company and told them I was a student, simply couldn't afford $120 per month, and that I'd have to cancel. They put me on the phone with another representative who then offered me a deal (high speed internet and standard basic cable) for $80 per month for the next 6 months. I accepted. Success!

A few more tips:

+Some people advise shopping around for cable providers (and prices). However, there was only one supplier for my area.

+Monitor your bills or statements carefully if you're involved in a cable promotion. My company screwed up my bill several times.

+I will tell you that I tried this tactic again after my second 6 month deal ran out and it did not work. I eventually switched over to the very basic TV option (15 channels) and high speed internet.

+Here are some more tips from the wisebread blog about how to lower your cable bill:
"Stop Paying for Cable Television But Keep Up With Your Favorite Shows"
"Thirteen Minutes to a Lower Cable Bill"

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