Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Extra Cash: Sell your stuff

Do you have a lot of stuff? Sell it online through craigslist, ebay, half.com or Amazon. Believe me, people are still scouring the Earth to find discounts and savings!

I sold my car, my father's keyboard, my brother's saxophone, my old flute, and my uncle's trumpet (will full permission) on craigslist rapidly. If you've sold stuff on craigslist before then you know it can be slightly addicting. Also, remember that some of your family members may actually want to get rid of their stuff but do not have time OR may even be afraid of the internet! This is your opportunity! Here are some things you could sell with permission:

+Books (especially relatively new textbooks)
+Toys (small children can grow out of toys really fast)
+Older electronics and small appliances

PLEASE remember to exercise caution when using craigslist. Trust your instincts and always meet in public places during business hours. Take a friend with you to meet an interested party.

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