Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interview Preparation: Clothing

Invest in at least 2 sets of interview attire and keep them on-hand and ready. Here's why:

Today I will have to pick on my little brother. A few weeks ago he went to a job fair to find a summer internship. He wore khakis, a white collared shirt, a tie, and brown shoes. He told me this attire was acceptable for someone looking for a summer internship.

However, after a successful conversation with a particular company he was invited to a next day interview. My brother rarely dresses up. He called me at 10 pm the night before the interview to ask what he should wear. Since you've read my post on "What do I wear for my interview: Part 2 for Gentlemen" you know what I suggested for him...

Well, guess what? He only brought half of his suit to college, forgot his black shoes at home, had no formal ties on hand, his shirt was dirty and had no black socks. His interview was for 10 am the next day. Where exactly does one buy formal wear between the hours of 10 pm and 10 am? (Wal-mart? I don't think so.)

I'm not sure what he ended up wearing---maybe he borrowed some of his friend's clothes. The bottom line is this: Invest in at least 2 sets of interview clothing and keep it ready (cleaned, pressed, and polished) for your big day(s). Why 2 sets? You may have two interviews, maybe even 3. Trust me, prepping your attire ahead of time takes part of the interview anxiety away.

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