Saturday, November 7, 2009

What do I wear for my interview? Part 1 for Ladies

You should always dress for success. What does that mean? Well, a lot of things. The general rule of thumb is this: For your interview you should always dress one-step above what you would be wearing to work on a normal basis. Some companies will indicate their dress policy on the website. At other times you will have to ask about the dress policy. Don't be afraid to ask about the dress code during your interview because it indicates that you are interested in company policy and following the rules. You may also ask at your interview, "Is my attire today acceptable for work here?" Be receptive to their response in the event that you need to alter your attire. I met with an expert last week to get some tips on interview apparel. Here's Part 1 (ladies first)...

Ladies Professional Dress for Interviews

+A black pant suit is highly recommended over a black skirt suit. Why? The employer may ask you to do a task that requires bending over or reaching. Trying to do this in a skirt can be awkward and embarrassing. If you decide to wear a skirt suit make sure the skirt is to the knee or longer. Cross your legs when you sit down!

+A white or blue collared, button-down, starched shirt should be worn---NOT a playful, flirty blouse. A starched, collared shirt will indicate that you are serious about the job.

Shoes and hose
+You should be able to walk in your shoes. I pity the girl who decides to wear her 3 inch heels for the first time to an interview. You should wear 2 inches or less. Your shoes should come around your heal and over your foot. Shoes should be clean (no scuffs or clinging dirt). I hate hose but it is recommended that you wear hose with a skirt suit, particularly in the winter. Don't wear hose with designs or ones that make you look too tan. Pick a color that matches your flesh.

+Wear modest jewelry. This can include post earrings. Necklaces should not be gaudy. Modest necklaces should be tucked into the shirt so that it does not detract the interviewer. Dangly bracelets and large rings are not recommended.

+While you do not necessarily have to get a manicure before your interview you should buff and trim your nails at the very least. A clear top coat can give a finished look. I do not recommend getting acrylics or nail colors because they can make performing a task difficult or detract from the interview.

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