Monday, November 16, 2009

Startling Statistics: Young people, the military, and jobs

If you're thinking about joining the military instead of working a so-called regular job, then just make sure you don't fit into this category:

According to TIME magazine, "75% of Americans ages 17 to 24 [who] can't enlist in the military mostly because they lack a high school diploma, have a criminal record or are physically unfit." (Original source: Mission Readiness)

Check out the Appendix starting on Page 6 from the report by Mission Readiness. Did you see the number of 10-17 year olds who were obese in 2007?! Mississippi ranks #1 with 44% of 10-17 year olds obese in 2007. And you know what else? A whopping 45% of high school students fail to graduate on time in Washington, D.C. Whoa.

So, would you join the military if you were promised funds for college? The Army's website indicates that there are many options depending on the type and length of service.

Here's my next question: What percentage of young people actually go to college (using those promised funds) after completing their service? I mean, wouldn't their years of service prepare them for the job market more so than going to college?

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