Friday, October 9, 2009

Federal Government Job Applications and Resumes

Invest in a book or advice on how to correctly create a federal job resume. Federal job applications are very different from many online applications. They can be very long and sometimes tricky to complete. I have found that explains how the process works but it will take you some time to complete your first application. The book I purchased is called Federal Resume Guidebook by Kathryn Kraemer Troutman. It was the best book available at my bookstore when I needed it. If you know someone who works for the federal government you should see if you can get some pointers on the application process. And of course, share them with us!

From a personal stand-point, I have applied for 3 federal government jobs and was rejected twice because I was not "best qualified." Make sure you read and re-read the job description. It may be o.k. to apply even if you are not "best qualified." Just remember that there are probably people who are "best qualified."

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