Monday, October 19, 2009

Health Insurance: Be a Smart Consumer're still looking for a job but you want to purchase health insurance? Or, do you have a job and access to group health insurance through your employer? Are you being a smart consumer?

As I mentioned previously, some health insurance is better than none at all. Although I hate to say it, it is possible that the health insurance plan offered by your employer may be worse than what you could purchase as an individual. It would be wise to compare costs and coverage if at all possible to save some $$. Health insurance was offered to me through my new employer but I decided to decline because of a $10,000 (gasssp) deductible. If you go to the doctor infrequently then you might be o.k. paying all of that out-of-pocket cost. On the contrary, I'll keep my individual insurance, thanks. Here are a few thoughts to consider...

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