Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Health Insurance: Short term plans

Are you out of work and out of health insurance? Have you finished college and been kicked off of your university's or parent's insurance? Short-term medical plan options exist.

+If you're healthy (no pre-existing conditions, illnesses, etc.) then you can often be covered very quickly.
+A short-term medical plan may be a good option if you're temporarily unemployed and want to avoid a waiting period.* *

+Keep in mind that short-term plans or gap plans may not include comprehensive medical coverage.
+And, if you develop a medical condition while on a short-term plan you may have difficulty later when purchasing your own comprehensive medical plan.

**That's right folks: If you are uninsured for more than 63 days you will have a waiting period. This means your health insurance coverage ($$) will not kick-in until after that waiting period...even if you secured a new job and group health insurance. The amount of time you will wait usually depends on your medical history. For those of us with a medical history this is financial death.

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