Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gearing up for the holidays

I've had quite a few years of retail experience and plenty of absurd customers. If you've worked in retail before then you know what I'm talking about. You have to grin and bear it sometimes. Then, you tell the story to your co-workers later. There are always lessons to be learned. This holiday season I will be working in the holiday portion of our bakery and will most likely have some interesting customers. So, to kick off the holiday season here is:

Story #1
A few days ago I volunteered at the fair-trade gift shop and a portly customer with a turtle fetish (yes, that's right, turtles) had some interesting words to share with me. After talking with him about the various turtle gifts we had in the store I managed to secure a sale from him. However, while I was running his credit card he said, "Let me see that ring!" (I held out my hand with the engagement ring.) Then, he said, "Well, where is the other one that goes with it?" Assuming that he was talking about a wedding band I said, "It is coming." The portly man says, "Well, you Hollywood figure types would do better if you ate a little more sweets...because if you ate more then he'd put that other ring on your finger because you'd be sweeter then." Now, let me step-back and tell you that I am kind to all customers (regardless of their absurdities) about 98% of the time. My response to the portly man with a turtle fetish? "Well, sir, I actually work at a bakery and volunteer here. I eat sweets all the time, believe it or not, and I can't gain a pound!" He definitely chose the wrong 'Hollywood figure type' person to talk to about sweets.

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