Friday, October 2, 2009

Should I Apply for this Job?

So, you have signed up for email alerts from many different job search engines. Your inbox has 30+ alert emails coming through everyday in addition to all of your regular emails. It is a lot to sort through. Which jobs should you apply for?

Some people apply for anything and everything online. Some people are more selective about which jobs they apply for online. While you will not know how many people may be applying for a specific job, you do know that there are lots of people looking for jobs at this time. My guess is that employers can probably find someone who has almost all of their required/requested skills. Personally, I tend to be more selective about which jobs I apply for online and have gotten pretty good at predicting who will call me back.

Now, on finances and job applications. These days the competition is stiff for un-paid internship positions and internship positions which clearly do not pay enough for one to live on their own or support anyone else. Sometimes it may be beneficial to take an un-paid or a low-paying internship. It depends on the organization and your financial situation. (Will it be a step towards full-time employment? How much is my health insurance going to cost? How will I pay my bills?)

Finally, as my brother says, "You can always tell them, 'no'." If the job sounds like a good fit but the salary or benefits make you uneasy, apply anyway. Salary and benefits may be negotiable.

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