Saturday, October 10, 2009

Health Insurance: Do you need it?

I know many young people who do not have access to group health insurance through an employer and have decided not to purchase individual health insurance because they are unemployed or only working part-time jobs. Sure, paying for health insurance monthly is a drain on the budget, particularly if you're not making much to begin with. Sure, some of us may not get sick very often or never develop any medical conditions. However, most of us aren't that lucky. Even if you do not get sick very often and do not currently have any medical conditions I STRONGLY suggest that you purchase some sort of health insurance because you never know what could happen. A single overnight stay in the hospital could put you in financial ruins. Take it from me: I've had a freak accident before and also developed a medical condition seemingly out-of-the-blue. You need health insurance. Protect yourself. You don't want to be a health insurance loser.

Here's an article which quickly explains why purchasing health insurance is a must.

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