Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Retail Job (Don't do this to yourself!)

I have over 3 years of retail experience. I have witnessed multitudes of THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO when it comes to picking up, filling out, and submitting a retail application. Remember, sometimes it is all in the way you go about doing it. Right now second chances are few and far between. Two examples for today:

1. Just the other day a woman turned in her application WET because it was raining the day she submitted it. Where was her purse? Or her umbrella? Or a folder to keep her application? Who wants to hang onto a wet, smeared application? Really?

2. A man came into the store in a t-shirt and asked for an application. While the manager went to the back to get an application he proceeded to tell the other employees his long unemployment story. There are plenty of unemployed people. It is very unlikely that you'll be hired because of your unemployment story. Get over it.

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